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Among the most sought after SAP modules is the SAP FICO module. It essentially relates to finance and control. SAP FI involves migration of data into the SAP ecosystem; it includes financial reporting as well as financial management in addition to real time tracking of financial activities. SAP CO is a control mechanism that involves understanding and reporting on key areas of variance and understanding the reasons for the same. Therefore for those in the financial world, a certificate course on SAP FICO can really do wonders and make an impact in any workplace.

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Another SAP module that is quite commonly used is the SAP SD module which involves an understanding of the Selling and Distribution elements of an organisation. It includes elements of managing the supply chain and breaks down the various processes into sub processes in order to ensure the most efficient utilisation of resources when it comes to selling and distribution activities of the firm sap partner hong kong. A SAP SD certification course can be a huge boost for those involved in marketing in any large organisation.

Apart from these, there are various other SAP modules such as SAP CRM which focuses on Customer Relationship Management, SAP Basis, which looks at the basics of SAP and SAP ABAP among others which integrate the various elements of a business into one common platform. Learning SAP can be of great benefit not just to freshers but to working professionals as well. A SAP Certification can go a long way in vertical growth in a company and therefore should be undertaken by all those who are looking to work at a SAP implemented organisation.

One of the best ways to get a SAP cortication is by undertaking an online course on SAP and preparing yourself accordingly to handle the platform. There are numerous benefits to online training, primary among them being that classes are flexible and can be undertaken at any time and as per the convenience of the student. In addition to this, the faculty is excellent as they are part of the industry themselves and can deliver training that is theoretical in nature but has a practical outlook to it as well. This makes a holistic approach to learning SAP possible and can certainly make an impact. Every business has a number of processes to handle and they need to be all integrated in order to make the business function smoothly. Most businesses are nowadays opening up offices in different countries in order to serve the markets there better which leads to a lot of complications when it comes to handling every day activities. The numbers of data generated is huge which is why their storage and quick referencing is a problem. Moreover, the quality of products, costs of production, materials procurement, sales and distribution and other customer relation management need to be taken care of.

Most companies are implementing some form of ERP software in order to make their business processes easy. There are many kinds of ERP software available such as Oracle and Microsoft. Net of which SAP is most popular. There are 253, 500 users of SAP modules throughout the world and the numbers are growing every day. SAP AG is the parent company of the SAP modules and they are constantly innovating upon their products and inventing new ones. The era from 2002 ushered in in-memory computing, cloud storage and mobile applications which led to the development of SAP HANA and other computing tools.

The increasing numbers of companies implementing the SAP software, the demand for SAP consultants has gone up in companies that implement the SAP software or use it for their daily activities. SAP consultants are paid very well and the freedom on the job is high. To become a SAP consultant, you need to have knowledge beyond the software. For example, you need to have basic accounting knowledge of costs, profits and other concepts in addition to a certificate in SAP Management Accounting for becoming a consultant. Similarly, knowledge of production processes and operations research would help you handle the SAP Sales Order Management.

As a SAP consultant you can get employed with companies that use the software and also consultancies such as IBM and Accenture that help with the implementation of SAP. There are three kinds of SAP consultancies that you can take up- Solutions, Technical and Business. A business consultant usually aids a customer with business issues such as with the development of an IT strategy or with business case. S/he makes most use of SAP modules such as SAP Sales Order Management etc. A business consultant handles works mostly with the business processes. On the other hand, a solution consultant works with the SAP Solution Manager of modules such as SCM and ERP. His or her job is more application driven. Technical consultants work mostly with the development of the basis of SAP products which would be identical to the way the company works.

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