Dollar rate in Pakistan

USD to PKR is the USA currency, and we use it for international tread level. If we have to tread with any other money, we have to pay tin dollars. No, another currency is acceptable. Dollar replaces the gold. Thousand of years age the trad happen is gold. But know Dollar replace the gold. This is the reason behind of dollar rise. Some of my friends invest in gold and get a big profit. It’s the best time to invest. Instead of gold reserves, other countries have accumulated US dollar reserves.

Dollar moving high

The USD to PKR rupee is very high these days. In this year dollar touched an all-time high last month. it happens due to the same primary reasons

· Govt current positions

· Lonas

· High import

· Low export

Firstly, The current position of govt is not suitable due to which dollar price increasing every day. Secondly, due to the loans .every year, we pay interest on as this is also a reason to rise dollar prices. Third and the most critical high import and low export is one of the biggest reasons to rice the cost of our dollar to Pakistan rupee. one dollar to pkr is reached almost at 180.

Investor in Pakistan

 But the Canadian dollar to pkr is also rising day by day. Australian dollar to pkr reached their all-time high last month. According to today’s opination dollar is rising rupee comes down every day. No, the investor came to Pakistan. No, Pakistan people are also not interested in investing in Pakistan. We have to motivate other people as well to invest in Pakistan. Therefore, All are moving toward UAE or any other country for business. Suppose the investor did not come to Pakistan rupee price down automatically. Our Govt, our PM, our Minister’s duty to tell the whole world Pakistan is the safe country to go there and invest in Pakistan.IN this way, investors come to our country, and our GDB improves.

State bank policy on the dollar;

State banks make some very complex rules on the dollar, which can increase the dollar price. And a lot of tax for any new company is also one of the important reasons to increase the price. In other words, in other countries, Govt Mimi, the tax for the investor. But our Govt increase ax day by day. Due to state bank policy, the USA dollar to pkr is at the top this year. And pkr to the dollar price in Pakistan.

Every day, it comes down if we have to check our law and change it for our investors.In other words, If we change the policy for the investors. They come to Pakistan and invest money, which gives us a lot of advantages in the future. Dollar prices come down. 

· Can dollar to pkr back to Rs 100?

Most come and the most important question. These days dollar prices are very high. Dollar harshes almost 200. but our govt work on it. And invite the investor from hole world for investment in Pakistan then dollar rate in Pakistan can come back to 100. It’s a long-term process, but it’s possible.


 The concoction is very simple our Govt not doing anything for our economy. Our economy is going down every day, which causes of dollar to PKR to move high. Only one thing to control dollar we have to improve our economy. After that, we have to increase our export and decrease our impost. In this way, one dollar comes down. No, any other way.

Therefore, they have to exchange their local currency for dollars by selling their money to buy dollars to make payments.

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