Vibrational Fitness and Anti-Aging

What is vibrational fitness? Vibrational fitness (whole body vibration) involves doing exercises on a vibrating platform. These vibrations cause your muscles to contract reflexively, without your control. What does this have to do with anti-aging?

Glad you asked. Seniors have an increased risk of falls, osteoporosis, and hip fractures. This will likely be an increased concern in coming years as the baby boomers get older women vibrator . This can place these individuals at risk of losing their mobility and independence. Besides the anguish that this can cause to the individual and their family, there is increased healthcare costs that go along with this.

The obvious answer is exercise to strengthen the muscles and bones, working on balance and postural control at the same time. More specifically, you need to work on strength exercises in a standing position. After all, if you need strength and stability while standing and walking, you should train while standing, to get the maximum carryover. While standing, you have to provide stability in three dimensions.

Some seniors, however, may have difficulty exercising on their feet due to loss of mobility and balance, sometimes combined with past injuries. This is where vibrational fitness comes into play. It allows those with limited balance and mobility to start in a partial squat position while holding onto handles in front of them, if needed. Initially, the exercises don’t require any movement on the participant, the vibrations manually contract the muscles for them, reflexively.

Their body’s mechanoreceptors, which sense movement and force, are stimulated, which will help with strength and balance while in a standing position – which is the most important one. You can also place someone with one foot on the platform, knee bent slightly, to simulate the balance needed while walking. As they become accustomed to this, they can bend farther at the knee for greater strength.

Over time, these static positions will progress to dynamic ones, which can add to their ability to be stable while moving, whether getting up from a chair or bending over to pick something off the floor. Activities which can be tough to accomplish for some seniors. Movements that I recommend working on in your 40’s and 50’s to prevent this difficulty in the first place.

Additional strength and mobility work would add to the overall function of anyone doing whole body vibration training. One of the benefits of training on a vibration platform is the stimulation of fast-twitch muscle fibers. These fibers are important to overall body strength and if not specifically trained with some type of resistance, will lose their size and function as you age. This can put you at an increased risk of falling, or make it difficult to climb stairs. So they are very important to train.

What are vibration platforms and how do they work?Vibration Platforms are exercise machines which consist of a vibrating or oscillating platform, when you stand or sit on this platform or do a workout using the platform the mechanical energy oscillations are transferred to the body as a whole. This is one reason it has also been called Whole Body Exercise Vibration Training.

The vibration plate causes very rapid muscle contractions thirty to fifty times per second that work your muscles continuously. These contractions not only build muscle and bone density, but improve flexibility, burn fat, increase metabolism, improve circulation, improve cellular oxygen and nutrient delivery which slows the degenerative/ageing process!The platform drops either 2 or 4 mm. This is a very small and gentle drop.

For example, let’s say that you are standing on the vibration plate with a gentle knee bend. Once the platform drops 2 mm, your muscle is quickly lengthened, or ‘stretched’. The body reacts to this by quickly contracting the muscle. By the time it does that, the platform is already back at the first position. The platform drops again and this is repeated. Since the platform has been designed to do this 20 to 50 times per second, you can get a maximum of 50 muscle contractions per second! In one minute, you can actually get 3000 safe and gentle muscle contractions. This is the equivalent to doing 3000 knee bends. You can only imagine how long that would take without the platform.No matter what your physical condition, the subconscious stretch reflexes will tighten almost all your muscles at once with vibration exercise. That compares with just 45 per cent of muscle fibres used during conventional training.

Traditional training increases muscle strength because your body reacts to the extra resistance created by the weights over and above regular gravity. With Vibration Training your body reacts to acceleration rather than extra weight, which is many times greater than standard training stimuli. And one repeated 30 or 50 times a second. Your body has to adapt even more to overcome this greater load, and so achieve your training targets faster. Further, the vibrations increase the production of regenerative and repair hormones, improve blood circulation in skin and muscles, strengthen bone tissue, improve lymph drainage and increase the basal metabolic rate. All this results in more strength, more speed, more stamina, rapid recovery of muscles and tissue, increased flexibility, mobility and coordination, anticellulitis, collagen improvement, and fat reduction. The “more is better” principle does not apply to vibration training. You look and feel fitter, but you do not have to train more intensively.

The added value of the Vibration Plate is improved training quality and effectiveness, so you can shorten your sessions and recover faster. The superior muscle-activation that the vibration machine stimulates compared to conventional training, means that less time is required to work muscle groups completely. A one minute workout on this vibration platform burns more energy and creates strength improvements. In addition to these muscle contractions, vibration exercise is also able to work more of the muscles. Because the vibration effect makes the muscles contract involuntarily, all muscles that are being exercised will be activated. In fact, with regular training such as weight lifting, only 40% of your muscles will be working. With vibration exercise, that number can reach nearly 100%. Not only will you get more muscle contractions in a short period of time, but also more of your muscles will be working during this time. All improved his leads to vibration exercise being a safe and fast way to exercise effectively.This is achieved with minimal stress on the joints and ligaments. You can perform static or dynamic movements including standing, sitting, kneeling, lying, and placing your hands on it. Almost any exercise from a typical gym workout to passively sitting on a chair and resting your feet can be done on a vibration platform.

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