Avoid Getting Banned From Adsense – Take Adequate Precautions To Avoid This From Happening

Those, who have AdSense as revenue model for sustenance of their site, would always dread of having a mail like that your account was found to be related to invalid clicks and publishers disabled for invalid clicks are not allowed further participation in the program. Those banned from AdSense have a unanimous complaint that they were not served with any warning or were not given any data by Google to substantiate claims of fraudulent clicks. Google on the other hand insists on protecting integrity of its proprietary technology and refuses to divulge any details.

Actually the whole system of AdSense is so made up that anyone with just a basic understanding of the internet and search engine ranking can dynamically insert a javascript provided by Google in his website and earn substantial income that is very attractive considering that it takes no much time and one can work from comfort of his home in his free time google web scraper. This view further gets strengthened when one comes across many “made for AdSense sites” on the net that apparently seem to be doing well.

Of course, a unanimous argument is emerging that Google should explain its actions in more transparent way as to when it blocks AdSense account or removes a site from its index and what irks the people most it that they are unable to find out how they can regain the lost indexing or page rank. Limiting myself only to the issue of disabling of AdSense account in this article, let me opine very clearly that it is good. Nobody has right to cheat ad publishers and it is good that Google takes it seriously.

Google is not known to take click fraud lightly as they also are to retain the advertisers interest in their mind. But I have seen that they are open to reason. I personally know at least ten webmasters whose account has been restored. If this disabling has happened to you, first action you must take to write them a mail giving all the reasons with some evidence as server log, files etc to strengthen your claim. It is definitely difficult regaining account from Google but if you are honest, it is not impossible. I think more often is the case where the person suffering the ban was doing something they shouldn’t have been doing.

Some of things, you must avoid to avoid disabling of your account is signing up under multiple names, clicking yourself or through any network on ads appearing on your publishing network, generating robotized clicks through many enticing programs available on the net, expressly encouraging a visitor to your site to click an ad, having a site that is based on AdSense arbitrage. I have seen many sites that expressly state something to the effect that their services are free but to help them sustain please click the ad. To mind, it is like playing with fire and such publishers can face disqualification any time. When you are buying a domain, please satisfy yourself that it is not previously blacklisted by Google. Remember when Google bans a site, it does not deliver ads to any other url which was previously running on same AdSense pub-id.

One major reason of getting banned from AdSense is get rich quick. A new webmaster, in case, he does not have much content on hi site would barely get 10-30 visitor on his site, which are not sufficient to help him earn from ad clicks. What he should do at that stage is to build good content but he is soon tempted by con men on the net selling something like “Automated AdSense Software”. This is biggest scam happening where many new webmasters are trapped. Most of the time such software would steal content through scraping methods and creates thousand of content pages. As such search engines are cluttered with duplicate and useless content and you are risking getting banned from AdSense as this violates the terms of adsense.

This week I took a couple of days off my daily work routine and painted my kitchen. Apparently, for a 58 year old woman that’s a bit unconventional. At least, that was the reaction I got when I told friends and acquaintances of my plans.

When my parents notified me that they were coming for a visit, I knew that it was time to do some long needed repairs and the kitchen walls were first on the list. I like challenging myself. I also enjoy working with my hands, but it had been many years since I had done any type of house painting. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but I was psyched up for it. After all, it’s not a large area. Most of the kitchen walls are covered by either tile or cabinets. Some scraping and sanding, a few coats of paint and a little sweat didn’t scare me.

Well, thinking about hard work and experiencing it are two completely different things. I started off by clearing out the kitchen of everything that was on the counters and walls. The next step was to move my oversized, very heavy refrigerator out of its corner. My husband and I pulled and pushed and managed to move it into the middle of the kitchen. I proceeded to cover it and the cabinets with nylon sheeting and applied masking tape on floor panels, outlets, etc. That part went real well. I was feeling very efficient and well organized. I had it all planned out. Scrape, spackle, sand, paint, and clean up.

I put on my work clothes, got the ladder and… my first surprise! The ladder wouldn’t fit in one particular corner of the kitchen, the refrigerator was in the way. My kitchen is long and narrow and I would have to move the fridge forward about a foot every time I wanted to get in there and then push it back in order to get the ladder in on the other side. I was not going to let this be a problem, just an inconvenience, and I continued working.

A short while later, a second surprise; instead of small areas of peeling paint, the old paint was coming off in sheets. My first thought, ” How the h… will I spackle such a large area? ” Panic set in. ” This is a disaster, why did I ever start? Who do I think I am taking up a project I cant handle? “

I took a deep breath, stopped everything and went to look for some advice. First I Googled, and found a partial solution. Some additional advice from my man at the local hardware store along with a few additional supplies and I was back on that ladder, my spirits lifted.

I climbed up and down that ladder, hurdled over and above cabinets and moved my giant fridge around the kitchen about a 100 times, so I could reach from corner to corner of every wall.. Twelve hours later, the prep work was done. I had scraped and sanded and spackled and cleaned up. My back was broken, all my muscles ached but I was ecstatic. The walls were looking pretty damn good. I needed a shower.

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