Gambling is addictive – Gambling is something that is hard to get rid. In many countries, we can see that there are still many gambling circulating among the public. Many people don’t realize that gambling actually causes a lot of effects or losses.

The government has tried its best to prevent people from gambling. Various efforts have been made by the government, including arresting the perpetrators of gambling and issuing gambling laws domino99 . Even though the government’s efforts to catch gamblers did not go smoothly, it can be seen that until now many gamblers are still roaming free.

And of course other government efforts by issuing their own laws also did not run smoothly, because there are still many people who are still playing gambling. This is because gambling is addictive which makes the players unable to immediately stop playing the game.

The fact is that many people find it difficult to get out of gambling, because gambling is addictive. Advice from people and religious leaders does not seem to work to make them stop gambling. Even the legal threats and the government’s real actions in crushing gamblers also did not make the gamblers feel afraid in the slightest.

As explained above, gambling is like an addiction that makes it difficult for players to stop. And of course this is none other than the sweet promises given by gambling itself, for example online gambling where it is easy and can be played only with internet network capital.

Where they give a sweet promise that a player will get a very large percentage of wins and profits, even though as we know that online gambling is actually regulated by a system which will not give a win, and of course all the sweet promises given by the gambling site is bullshit


It is undeniable that gambling is addictive for the players, especially in online gambling. Online gambling itself has many kinds, including online poker gambling, online slot gambling, dominoqq online. All the types of gambling mentioned above are online gambling sites that provide sweet promises of big wins, even though they are all nonsense. Because of course as we know there will be no one who can become rich just by playing gambling.

Online gambling has been regulated in such a way by a system, in which the owner of the system certainly does not want to suffer losses. This is what drives the percentage of wins given to players is much smaller than the percentage of defeats. Therefore, stop gambling now, even though it is difficult because it is good to remember that gambling is addictive. Once you play, you will fall far.

But you always have a chance to stop gambling. Instill in yourself that no one will get rich from gambling, and seek help from your family on how to stop. Because of course only from encouragement or advice given by family or closest people can people stop gambling this curse.

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