Guest Blogging And Its SEO Benefits

Guest blogging as well as posting on other websites is another great way to immerse a much larger following on both your websites and other social media accounts. This is all while gaining networking opportunities and more credibility.

People who have the same passion and professional skills that allow them to fall in the same industry, tend to visit the same websites, blogs, and social networks on almost a regular basis . This trend allows them to gain considerable exposure and seeing the same author on these different platforms gives them an idea or impression that the person is a professional or expert in their field.

It is something that is more often than not considered to be rather time consuming, but guest blogging can pay off in the long-run mostly when it comes to both company and individual branding.

There is a great demand for neat and quality content because more and more readers get the majority of their information and news from credible online sources. This is instead of acquiring the information from newspapers and nightly television programs and news. It also goes to show that there is a huge volume of data and content that is made available for the readers. The benefit of this is that the more a publisher is mentioned on these websites, the better, because, from a human perspective, it gives him/her a huge following. Alternatively, from a Search Engine perspective, it allows his work to gain more exposure where it ranks highly in search engines.

So where did all these blogs come from? How did they get from an underground geek toy to a mainstream tool that has revolutionized politics, journalism, marketing and the media?

I always find that when I learn about a new technology or way of doing something online, the geeks have already been there (and I say the word ‘geek’ with complete affection – I’m one too!). Before business became inseparable from the computer, email or the internet, the academics and tinkerers were there first, kicking the tires and playing with the technology. Blogging was no exception.

Many of the earliest internet geeks wrote online journals detailing interesting links and points of view. As this was before programs like FrontPage and Dreamweaver, everything was done by hand – and that was a huge hassle. Each time you updated the site, you ran the risk of breaking links inside the website and leaving your readers stranded with the dreaded ‘page not found’ error. Eventually, the computer programmers and web designers became fed up with all of this manual work and created their own software to automate the process of updating their journal websites. Thus the weblog was born.

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