Different Types Of Handicap Vehicles

When people think of handicapped vehicles, they probably think of those vans equipped with special automated lifts on the side that enable a handicapped occupant to enter the vehicle. This is just one kind of handicap vehicle available to the general public. It comes in many variations. There are also other types of mobility products modified to assist handicapped persons as well as accessories to go with them.

A handicap parking permit is commonly also known as a disabled parking permit. The handicap permit allows people to park their vehicles in places especially reserved handicap placard for them by fulfilling a set of requirements listed by the authorities. Handicapped people can derive many benefits from these parking passes.They don’t have to wear themselves out any longer.

Nowadays many able bodied people are using parking places that are meant for disabled persons to park their cars which is absolutely wrong and shows no respect for those who really need to be closer to buildings. They should not snatch the rights of disabled human beings. Doing so, they are showing they have no shame and concern for people suffering from disabilities or old age problems.

If you know somebody who is suffering from a disability, you must tell them to get their handicap parking permit as soon as possible. If you also have some disability problem then feel free to consult your physician as well, he should be more than happy to do the paperwork for you and you should get your handicapped parking permits without any difficulty.

Different states have different rules and regulations regarding handicapped placards. Some states charge a particular amount as processing fee while others don’t charge anything at all. Sometimes just a doctor’s application or prescription is enough to get a handicap parking permit in some states.

The most obvious modification on a wheelchair accessible van involves the type of access available. On vans that sit lower to the ground, such as minivans, a ramp is often sufficient to allow a handicapped person easy entrance to the vehicle. Then there are those ubiquitous platform lifts, which use an automated system to raise a person in a wheelchair to the level of the floor in their van. There are also other ways for a handicapped person to gain access to a vehicle modified for their use. Some cars are equipped with a crane, which lifts a person into their vehicle in a different way.

Entry configuration is another variation in handicap vehicles. Two possible types of entry are side entry and rear entry. Side entry is advantageous because it easily allows a driver to stay in his wheelchair while he drives the vehicle. It also provides for more storage space than a rear entry van. These vans have a disadvantage besides lack of storage space, which is taken up by the equipment needed for rear entry. It also means that the driver will have to enter and exit the vehicle closer to traffic. However, rear entry vans can fit into smaller parking spaces because they do not need space on the driver’s side to operate a lift.

Inside these vans are special controls, which permit a handicapped person to operate the brakes, the gas and the steering controls. This may involve hand controls for the pedals and other assistive devices for operating a car. Without such modifications, driving would be impossible for many handicapped people.

There are also handicap vehicles for smaller tasks, such as getting around in a shopping mall, a supermarket or even a park. A motorized scooter is an alternative to a wheelchair for those whose handicap is not so severe that a wheelchair is necessary. Some people only experience a physical handicap when a great deal of walking is on order. Many stores keep motorized scooters available for in-store use.

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