Do Olympiad Exams Add to the Burden of Your Child?

I have been asked this question very often. My answer to this question has always been, YES and NO Security+ certification. Let me explain.I am of the personal conviction that you need to be very clear as to why you want your child to appear for the Olympiad exams. Is it for the gold medal? Cash prize /Recognition? Or the pride associated with it?

According to me, reasons like the above ones are not correct and might actually add to the burden of the child. Parents should be extremely careful in not trying to fulfil their aspirations through their children.response to this, few parents retort “are you saying, my child should not be ambitious?”

I say “It is okay for your child to be ambitious but please do not impose your ambitions on your child.”Appearing for the Olympiad exams should be a means to inculcate correct learning in your child rather than the results. If the child gets the Gold medal as a result of this, great.

In other words, focus on the correct learning method which should be “comprehension and application of concepts.” Unfortunately, most school curriculum’s do not encourage this. The knowledge imparted is dry and without meaning.So, if you set your child’s learning in the right direction, i.e. “concept centric”, you would need to know two things.

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