Newbie Warning: 10 Things to Avoid Failure

This is a simple guide on how to get started in a smart and solid way, developing and marketing a business online. Following these steps will provide you long term results. There are many more ways you can learn about developing your online business by taking a course or hiring or outsourcing someone who is well-informed in web development.

Newbies: 10 Things You Must DO to Avoid Failure

1. Decide who your target market is. When starting an online business, it’s always imperative that you decide who your possible clients are. In that way, you can learn and provide their needs. Websites such as,, and are among the places where you can do your research.

2. Find out which keywords are related to your topic f95zone . This is to make it easier for people to search your product. Use Google’s free keyword tool to research which keywords are related to your topic that people are using to search. Download lists of these keywords and take note of the most significant ones with the largest search volume.

3. Test out your keywords in a Google search to find out how much competition there is in your market. On the upper left side, you can see a number equivalent to the volume of sites and online businesses dedicated on your chosen field.

4. After taking note and testing out your keywords on Google, you’ll notice a number of sites appearing on the top of the page and on side bar ads godaddy email . This lets you know how many people are advertising. More advertisers mean it’s a competitive market, which is great. You’ll want competition because it simply indicates that there’s a huge demand for what you’ll be selling, a wider market; and a wide market ensures more profit.

5. Check out, a popular and very well-run article site. Type in your keywords at this site to research about how information is being presented in your niche and what is most popular. A thorough knowledge on how it is presented will give you a clear idea on what to do. It will also inform you about what is already available there, so you can make an even better presentation.

Have you ever been in a situation in which you were collaborating on a paper or letter or memo that you were emailing back and forth with one or more colleagues? This question brings us to the second area in which we needed to improve: paperwork. While email has become second nature for quick and easy communication, it also comes with its own set of challenges. Collaborating on documents over email, while possible, is not always the most effective. As we were developing templates for letters, keeping our books, and other standard tools for our business, our in-boxes became a mess of multiple drafts of these templates. The challenge here was that is was very difficult to keep track of which draft was the most recent, who was the last person to modify the draft, and whether we were both modifying the same or different segments. Again, the need we had was for an easier, more efficient and effective way to collaborate on and share documents. After some discussion and searching, we settled on using Google Documents. Another tool from the Google Suite, Google Docs allow us to create one document (word, power point, or excel) that we can invite each partner into view and edit. The benefit here is that any changes or modifications that are made are done in real time and on one document that anyone invited in can see. For example, if two of us are working on the same draft of a letter to our tenants, once one of us makes a change, the other person sees that change almost immediately. This cuts down on the possibility of us overwriting each other’s work without knowing it. Google Docs also keep track of the revision history of the document, so we can always revisit an older version if we feel it is necessary. As a bonus, all of this work is done on-line, so we are not wasting reams of printer paper and ink, and only print the document when it is final. Go Green!

As I have mentioned before the bottom line is this, technology has helped us to evolve our manner of communicating, socializing, and doing business. While there are a million and one options out there, I wanted to share our experience with two tools, from the Google Suite, that have helped us to streamline our communication systems and make a more effective use of our time, energy, and resources. If you are still a little hesitant and overwhelmed by the choices available, I would suggest this: ask yourself, “what systems or processes do I need to improve to help my business?” Then spend some time researching the Web 2.0 tools that address your need, ie- we had a need for a better method of sharing business calendars and keeping track of our personal calendars, and Google Calendar fit that need. Also, choose ONE application to try out, and give it time. This will allow for a learning curve for you to develop a level of comfort and expertise with the tool.

You wouldn’t build a house without first counting the cost. Nor would you go into a new business venture without doing the same. Well it’s no different with making money online. Yes there are some massive differences to running an online business from home as opposed to running a physical offline business, hugely reduced overheads being the obvious benefit. There are however costs involved, and no matter how small they may be in comparison, it’s always good to have a game plan and know what your monthly outgoings are likely to be.

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