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I went on an interview for a Sales Administrator position once and I remember the first and most important question the VP of Sales asked me, “How are you going to manage my emails?” At the time of the interview, I didn’t realize how important that question was, but I found out later that my answer was the sole reason why they hired me. Organizing or managing of emails is one of the biggest frustrations an executive has in their day GoDaddy email login. They can handle the meetings, they can put together a budget, and they can razzle and dazzle in the boardroom; what they can’t do is keep their inbox from piling up.

So, let’s take a quick look at emails, shall we? How many emails in your inbox? How many emails are in your executives inbox? Scary, isn’t it? Now how many of those emails are unread?

I recently had an experience with one of my clients regarding her emails or lack of attention to her emails. We were having a session with both Jill and her assistant when the CEO came in to discuss an email that he had sent the day before. Needless to say, Jill’s response was not what the CEO was looking for.

She didn’t read the email and she hadn’t “seen” the email. In a matter of seconds, I watched expressions on 3 individual’s faces go from confusion, panic, fear, anger, frustration, devastation, and dismay. Thus, the Organizing and Managing of Emails became top priority on the CEO’s list of things for me to fix.

On the list of items we needed to make this system a success, were 5 different colors of Post It Flags, a highlighter, and to make sure Jill’s admin had full access to her emails. Once we had the supplies in hand, we went through our Plan of Attack!

We had determined early on that Jill was a very visual person who needed the tangibility of paper in order to make her comfortable in accomplishing her workload. Since we knew that, I sent Beth, Jill’s assistant, to print off every email that Jill had in her inbox that was unread, including attachments.

At that time, Jill had 356 unread emails so it was going to take an awfully long time and a ton of paper. While, Beth was doing that, Jill and I set up a couple of rules in her inbox. One rule was for the CEO and his assistant. Any email coming from either of them was going to go into a specific folder in her email labeled OOP (Office of the President). Jill would now always be able to see when an email had come from his office and she wouldn’t have to go looking for it.

We then archived her emails at a 45 day setting. This all by itself reduced her total inbox size down to 548. Since Beth was printing all of the emails that hadn’t been read, I had Jill start to file or delete the emails that had been taken care of. With Jill busy with her email sorting, I went in to help out Beth create an email management system for Jill.

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