Management Games

Management games is another example of the many types of flash games that are emerging throughout the internet today. One of the ways to discuss them is to define them F95zone , and the best way to define them is by looking at what they are not. This may seem like a backward way of examining something, but it will profit our discussion. Please consider the following example as the most common misconception of what a management game could be.

When you think of the word management you might think of management in terms of business structure — a.k.a management is defined by a leadership hierarchy at work — this can relate to anyone who has a job and a boss whether it is in an office, warehouse, restaurant, or what have you. Of course this definition of the word management wouldn’t lend itself to flash gaming very well. Just think of how that might turn out. Do people really want to spend their free time playing a game where they have to nag after workers who are not doing their jobs correctly. Maybe this could be executed in a game where you have to file reports, do performance reviews, hire new employees, or schedule work hours. In other working atmospheres, the game might start out with an intro like, “You are the manager of a restaurant. Make sure your workers…”, and you can fill in the blank. The same could be said if the game was about a manager at a hotel or other service oriented places.

Do these ideas sound like they could be fun games? Can you even think of an acceptable concept of gameplay in a game like that? I think the point here is that when people are playing management games, they are trying to get away from the daily grind, away from their bosses, and away from their worries. If this is what defined a group of online games, people would be reminded of all the things that stress them out, and they would look for a quick way to kill time elsewhere. So we can see that management games should not be defined as games about people who manage others in the workplace.

Now that we have partially define management games by proving what it is not, let’s move along to define it them with a more straightforward approach. We can deduce that if we specify the concept by calling time management games, things become a little clearer. In effect, when we narrow it down to a more specific kind of management, we actually broaden our scope when it comes to what kind of games we may find. You can manage time in any situation. This means games can be about a home, a garden, a farm, a zoo, as well as the restaurant, office building, or hotel that we talked about earlier. Gameplay is pretty simple in these instances because there is always something that needs to be done to keep things running smoothly in any number of places like these. The cages need to be cleaned, animals need to be fed, and merchandise needs to be ordered at the zoo. Crops need to be planted and gathered, Animals need to be fed, bought, and sold, and barns need to be built on the farm.

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