Parasites, A Major Health Challenge

One of the great myths of the past two centuries is the one about how you must travel to a third world country to get parasites. For Americans, Mexico usually gets the brunt of the finger-pointing. However, the myth is only a fable.

Where-ever you are on the globe, if you breathe the air, eat the food, or drink the water, you probably are getting parasites constantly. While it is highly unlikely anyone is going to knowingly eat a three foot long tape worm, those who have had this problem, will tell you it is no laughing matter. Such worms do exist and some do exist in someone’s intestine.

A second myth is that all parasites are worms and visible. Neither is true. Parasites come in an almost infinite variety and most are microscopic what does bear meat taste like. Being small does not make them less dangerous and it does make them easier to get. Many are floating in the air and you can get them by merely inhaling in an area where they are prevalent. Your air filter will eliminate a lot of them, but not all. Cigarette smoke gets through your filter and its particles are larger than many of the parasites.

Many of the parasites that are common and very widespread are those that you do not inhale or ingest. You ingest the eggs and they hatch out in your intestine. A notorious source of such parasite eggs is iceberg lettuce. The lettuce grows as a lot of loose leaves that later close into the familiar “head of lettuce” with the insect eggs that have been laid on the leaves carefully folded inside. You can’t see the eggs. You can’t get to both sides of each leaf to wash the eggs off. You can stop eating iceberg lettuce or you can plane to eliminate parasites on a regular basis. A quarterly elimination routine is recommended.

Lettuce is not the only food that serves up parasites and parasite eggs to you. Many meats, vegetables, and fruits are carriers of both. Example, Trichinosis is a worm you get from eating pork, bear meat, and several other wild animals. They can be killed by thorough cooking as they cannot withstand enormous temperatures. This is not true of all parasites. Note this one, though, because the result of getting this parasite is not only extremely painful, it is very serious, even deadly.

We have only recently begun to see publicized that there are also parasites that are found in far too many birds we normally eat without much thought of danger.

The lowly earthworm, slaughtered by the trillions or zillions by chemical, corporate, money lover agriculture, is worth many times the pennies it costs to buy your starter stock, if they are not readily available for free. The profitable organic food producer raises them in controlled conditions to increase their rates of reproduction, foil predators and to prevent their escape. Worms are the cheapest labor you can get for your food crops. They work night and day tilling soil for food, which you provide them. They like decaying plant material to eat and they especially like to eat compost. The castings, or worm manure is superior to fresh compost as plant food. As your worm farm – ranch grows in size, you have more and more to add to new garden beds and tree holes. Plant quality and crop volumes sky rockets, requiring mechanical supports.

There is money being made in raising worms for sale and if I have my way, there will be a lot more to be made in the future. However, I find them far more valuable than their market price as personal assistants and manufacturers of organic, super potting soil. My focus will be on finding space for them and feeding them well. There are two types of worms of interest to the gardener. Common earthworms as you may have in your yard, make permanent tunnels and go as deep as two feet. We definitely want lots of them around our plants. Redworms do not make permanent tunnels, like living in rotting manure and garbage beds and stay within about six inches of the surface if it is not too hot, cold or dry. They will eat vegetarian manures and just about any plant materials. They reproduce faster than common earthworms and can be raised indoors for purposes of experiments and breeding. These are the ones that will produce more rich potting soil, dollar for dollar. Feed, water, protect from natural predators and they will help you grow superior plants of every description. Eat the fruit of these plants and you will be superior too. And you will know the difference.

The products and knowledge exist that allow us to grow the best food ever grown in the history of mankind, nearly anywhere we choose to grow it. The best food ever grown will have no shortage of customers for it, good times or bad. In a few years, supermarket produce sections will be pointless. Superfood will have the markets sewed up. Corporate farmers throw in the towel or specialize in non food crops. Old, depleted land comes onto the market for real people to regenerate and restore, at prices real people can afford. We are not going to replace the rainforests in a hurry but why can’t we cover the world in orchards, gardens and vineyards? Wouldn’t this help reduce carbon dioxide levels and reduce the greenhouse effect? It starts in my yard and yours, spreads from there as we choose to expand our own operations and encourage the involvement of others. We think about costs and how we can do more at lower cost. This creates models for the rest of the world. In my vision, poverty is a personal choice, not a fact of life – everywhere.

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