Benefits of Red Wiggler Worms For Pets

There are different kinds of worm species that can be cultured and/or purchased right away should you need them for ‘pet feeds’. And in this manner, you can definitely best humidifier for babies feed Red Wiggler Worms to your pets at home, as an alternative to what the markets are producing now (ex. turtle pellets, fish flakes, bird seeds). Not only are these worms good for composting and organic gardening, these small versatile creatures (which are usually between 1 to 2 inches in length) are also good for your pets diet. You can safely use these worms as feeds for your fish, and for other invertebrates too (like birds, frogs, turtles).

Feeding your pets (especially for marine animals) with this kind of worm (also known as Eisenia Foetida) will help them get the necessary nutrients, as these worms are packed with a lot of protein (80% content). These tasty treats for your pets are also considered to be one of the healthiest things that you can give them. Take note that it is also beneficial for your pets to eat these worms whole for its full nutrients, rather than having them in smaller pieces. But the size of the meals can also depend on how small your pets are. You can also try drying these worms out and then grinding them into pieces, and then use it as a feed component. This can also be used as an additive for chicken feeds.

Now, aside from its worm composting benefits, this type of worm is also preferred by many, mainly for its distinct character. When compared to a Night Crawler’s large size and easy fit on fish hooks, this small red worm is also used as bait by fishing enthusiasts. The worm will continuously wiggle and stay active when placed on a fish hook. It can stay alive underwater for a certain period of time too. And for certain water conditions, this type of worm can stay alive in both freshwater (up to 45 minutes only) and saltwater (up to 25 minutes only); and can stay longer compared to other average worms. With this, you can always opt in using Red Wriggler Worms for pets, especially for your freshwater fish pets at home.

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