Video Blogging – Shaping the Future of Your Website

Blogs are very efficient way to get external links to your website. When you publish article, blog or PR, it should show up on your media partner portal as well as on its syndicating subscribers. The best way to get maximal number of links is article, which is by nature new knowledge or contribution to the knowledge base of humanity, while press release is rather advertisement of the product. Blog is somewhere in the middle, as it typically is based on human perception and impression. For the purpose of this article we will categorize as blog all three news genres:

1. Why linking to your side is good? This is the mechanism of search engines. They will give you higher page rank if you have more external links HEALTH CHECK HOME DEPOT . You should read graduation paper of Google concept authors, where the fundamentals of internet rating are described in general

2. Now why video blogs are better than text blogs? The answer on this question is relying on the staking on the future trends, which are seen now, but are not really confirmed ASSOCIATE HEALTH CHECK HOME DEPOT . Video news are ranked as in separate category and in parallel with text, at least by google, so you can expect your video news to be ranked relatively high, if you are writing on the topic where text blogging competition is very high and you could not expect to take to take high position

3. Blogs with Picture images. If you add photo to your article, you may expect being ranked on the level of newspaper news, where photos are common. Article and PR publication sites with pictures are getting a bit lower ranking than newspaper pages, however in some cases you see exceptions from this rule

During the late 1990s, blogs were used as personal web diaries, where people could write about their interests, likes, day-to-day events almost on a daily basis. Browsers were enabled with widgets/components- blog software- to make blogging or blog-posting a hassle-free online process. This further increased the “bloggers-base”, bringing in more bloggers to one common platform.

With technological advancements, many free blog hosting services such as WordPress, blogger, LiveJournal came into being, which gave users a wide variety of options for a blogging platform. Additionally, the bloggers interface had many tools such as permalinks, trackbacks, blogrolls, weblog search engines, which widened the scope of social networking. The purpose of networking could be for friendship, business, or for professional or personal purpose, as these tools helped to link to other web-page or blog-pages.

During 2001, blogging came to be viewed as a channel for “mass-communication”. Political news added a new dimension to blogging, where bloggers from around the world were able to certify the credibility or farce of major news channels. Significant developments ensued in the American political scenario when bloggers spread messages across the world and opined on many raging issues through this platform.

Apart from serving as a news channel, the blog-platform and consequently the blog software was wide open with a vast potential for internet marketers and online businesses. Blogs attached to a website/business-site selling products or services, could be used as a way to communicate to the customer and know him/her better. Blogging thus assumed a greater impacting role in the online space, as through blogs, customers could air their views and the business in turn could sense, perceive and discern customer interests, expectations and demands through different channels of a blog- feedback, comments etc. Blogs therefore are used by many online business sites to increase the visibility in search engines. For instance, a service/ product company whose blogs are actively viewed, and are linked to by other creditable sites, enjoy a better ranking with search engines. Website content with greater backlinks from blogs and other channels are better optimized with respect to search engines. These developments have further catalysed the development of blog software and blog templates. The popular ones include Google blog, chromium blog, blogspot etc.

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