Essential Tips For Choosing Your Internet Domain Name

Choosing your domain name (and equivalently your website’s name) can often be a difficult task. Coming up with a good name can be difficult enough, and this problem can then be worsened since quite a few domain names are already registered. This can be annoying since you could come up with a great site name (let’s say Your Great Name), only to find out later that and/or are registered.

This means that you must then either try and re-choose your name (and then have to re-check if the equivalent domain is free to register), or that you register a less well-known domain extension (, etc) of your original idea.

There is a third option – and this is to try and buy and/or off their owners. However more often than not this could be quite expensive (with sellers requesting GoDaddy email login + – i.e. hundreds or thousands plus) in order to sell the name to you. Hence this article won’t consider this third option; however if you are thinking of doing this, always use a domain Escrow service (i.e. from, Moniker Escrow etc) for high-value domain transactions.

While you are putting all of this in place you need to develop a traffic building plan by investigating this on the internet or go to my blog to read all I have on Traffic Building, Search Engine Optimization and last but the most important of all is keyword research. I cannot say enough about your doing your keyword research and I may say that if you drop me an email asking for my book on Traffic Building and Keyword Research I will give them to you for no cost; my gift to you and launching your new business venture.

To build on your continued success in operating your business on the internet you need to begin with Article Marketing and again the importance is so great that unless you are a seasoned writer and intimate with the subject you will be writing about I would suggest that you get a professional from again searching with Google for an Article writer that will do a 500-600 word article for you at about $5.00 per article. I would get at least 20 article to get your launch going correctly and free up your time for other business building activity.

When I say activity I am no kidding, launching an internet business is quite a venture, time consuming but extremely rewarding which you will get a notion of when you start hauling those buckets full of cash to the bank. Moving on to what it is you need to do next and that is when you have your domain selected and hosted you need to install blogging software to your domain and start a blog.

All of these subject are extensive and too much to cover in this article but I have written many blogs and articles on this subject and suggest that you look into my blog and articles or if you just want to cut to the chase email me to send you an eBook on this subject. Truth be told I have written an eBook on just about every facet of internet marketing and I am making this offer to you, just email me asking for an eBook on the subject you need or just tell me what you want to know or learn and I will send you the appropriate eBook for you. No cost, my way of paying forward in gratitude for the success I have found in running an internet business.

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