Gossip Girl Episode 4 – Bad News Blair

Now that Serena and Blair are working to repair their relationship, the two are working to trust each other again, but things are not always as easy as they can be. Things are looking up for Blair when her mother decides that she should be the new face of her clothing line that is going to launch at Bendell’s.

Chuck is busy hosting his latest Lost Weekend, a couple nights of fun and debauchery attended by anyone who is anyone – and male of course mywebmagazine.co.uk . Carter, an old friend of Nate’s ends up coming back to town just in time for the party and crashes it, much to Chucks disappointment. Carter tells Nick about a high stakes poker game and invites him to participate.

The photo shoot doesn’t turn out to be everything everyone thought it would be. Serena needs to step in to help Blair loosen up so that the photographers can get some decent shops out of her. Because she is busy with Blair, Serena cancels her date with Dan, but it doesn’t help because even though her mom thinks she looks great, everyone else thinks Blair is not the right girls for the job.

Without telling Blair, Kathryn calls up Serena to ask her to model for them, telling her that it was Blair’s idea. Blair’s mom tells her that she doesn’t have to do the shoot if she doesn’t want to and Blair is relieved. Blair ends up going to the shoot anyone and finds Serena doing the shoot by herself and immediately thinks that Serena is stealing the spotlight again.

After a short spat, Blair and Serena come to realize that they were both lied to and make up again, Serena has a little explaining to do with Dan and Dan takes the time to talk to Blair about how it feels to have parents split up. Chuck and Nate end their spat when Chuck realizes that Carter is bad news because Carter stole from him, and he runs into the poker game just as Nate finds out he was being set up.

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