3 Key Components to Writing a Business Blog That Helps You Get Clients

As you know, branding is an essential step that any Network Marketer has to pass in order to become successful online. It means deciding on your name, your company name, your picture(s), your signature, your blog, your Facebook Page etc. This post is about THE POWER OF TEAMWORK http://bluegraydaily.com/ – BLOGS TO FOLLOW TOOL.


Congratulations if you have already achieved that, but I regret to tell you that it is not sufficient. You need to spread the work about yourself, otherwise nobody will know you and therefore your business will simply be ignored or unknown to the online community. Here you are: now you start seeing how hard this business is. I am sure that you are already thinking: “How will I ever succeed to reach that financial freedom that everybody is talking about?” It looks impossible and so much work to do.


Hold on! Don’t get desperate here. Fortunately, there is good news. One of them is that each Top Earner in this industry has succeeded because of the POWER OF TEAMWORK. You cannot succeed online if you continue trying to do it on your own, but I guaranty that you will succeed if you become a member of a winning team. Teamwork is so powerful!

How does this work? Here are few recipes for achieving success with a team: – make sure that the team you chose has a Leader, who knows what to do and who is willing to show the way and support his team members – follow carefully the directions given by the team leader – share your knowledge with the rest of the team – identify skills which are specific to each team member and start using these skills to the benefit of the team. It can be knowledge of HTML, mastering a particular marketing strategy, video or blogging skills, design etc… – support one another by creating closed groups on social networks and promoting each other blogs, products etc… – spread the news online about each other’s blogs, posts, and videos.


Bottom line is to use the Team to make the products and information promoted by this team become VIRAL. BLOGS TO FOLLOW Based on the above, here is a very simple tool that anyone who has a blog and who belongs to a team can easily implement. This tool will help blogs to cross refer and therefore produce a lot of leverage in information spreading on the net. This tool is a WIDGET that you can install on your blog side bar and that you can call BLOGS TO FOLLOW. Here is the procedure to set it up with WordPress:

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