How To Make Your Blog Mobile Browser Friendly

You will find that many of the internet’s great features are now showing up on your mobile phone. Many programmers are developing so many new applications fo cell phones that allow radio streaming, mobile blogging, Facebook and YouTube on your phone, and more. The mobile landscape is growing at such a fast pace.

How many of you blog? Probably almost everyone reading this article. Even though your blog is perfectly formatted for the PC screen, did you know that many readers catch up on their favorite blogs using their mobile phone? If you try to read a regular blog on your tiny screen, the paragraphs aren’t where they are supposed to be, the images may not even show, it just isn’t a pretty sight . You really need a separate mobile only version that can strip down all the flashy add ons and make a text only, perfectly formatted blog for the tiny screen.

Well I found a quick way to optimize your blog so that readers can easily access it from their mobile browser. You really want to have an optimized version for use on a cell phone browser so that it looks properly formated. A quick trick is to use Google’s mobile news reader to display your blog. The optimized version is not only super fast, but is is formatted perfectly to fit the tiny screens on a mobile phone. While on the go, readers just want the basic feed: a list of headlines and an easy way to click and read the posts.

the many FREE ways of adverting on the internet is through Blogs. What is it? A blog is basically an informal on-line diary. It’s more conversational and easier to read and browse through than a website. And right now, it’s the trend for younger generations.

So why would you want to blog? First of all, you can update blogs from anywhere — instantly! Second, you don’t need any technical skills to create one. It’s for everyday people. And lastly, it’s a way for people to interact with you on-line.

Who actually reads the blogs and why? Most blog readers get their news and info on blogs instead of through traditional means (TV, radio or newspaper). You’d be interested and probably a bit surprised by the following demographics of blog

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