Family Floater, Best Health Insurance Plan

Ramesh is salaried person working in a shipping company at Mumbai. He has a family with 2 kids. In recent time one of his kids was ill and he had to pay for hospitalization charges. Learning by this experience he is looking for a insurance plan to protect his family from any unwanted expense. What he should opt for? He has few options in his hand. As per traditional insurance plan, he can get insurance plan for each family member. He can also opt for a family floater plan for heath insurance. Do you know what is family floater plan?

In simple words, Family Floater Health Insurance plan means a single insurance policy for your entire family where you have total policy upper limit but doesn’t have individual limit for any family member. Let’s understand it with an example.

Under traditional plan, Ramesh could have taken individual policies for himself and his wife for Rs 2 lakh plus Rs 1 lakh policy for his 2 kids home depot health check . There is an premium for individual policy but imagine an unfortunate case of medical expense of Rs 1.5 lakh for one of his kid, insurance company is not going to cover full expense. So you can understand that Ramesh’s health insurance plan is not the optimum.

If Ramesh opt for Family floater of Rs 4 lakh, none of his family member is has individual limit. In case of any unfortunate hospitalization, each individual member is protected for maximum Rs 4 lakh subject to total family limit of Rs 4 lakh for year. The best feature of Family floater is savings of premium up to 55 % in comparison to individual policies.

Hence there is no doubt that family floater is providing better health insurance option. All life and general insurance companies are offering family floater policy so customer needs to take a careful decision while selecting a company and insurance plan. Here are few points to be considered:

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