Christian Sex Toys – The 3 Different Categories of Christian Intimacy Aids

Christian sex toys don’t all fall into one category. You can purchase Christian sex toys even if you are a very conservative couple. If you are more adventurism you can seek out different, more pleasure-centric Christian sex toys as well!

Here are the 3 categories for 成人用品店 Christian intimacy aids:

1. Romance. This category focuses on romance and the use of simple intimacy aids such as oils and lotions, as well as romantic tools such as candles and incense. The key with this category is the romance aspect. Setting the mood and then lightly, yet romantically, setting the stage for intimacy to occur.

2. Intimacy. This category focuses more heavily on the intimacy part. Christian intimacy toys will involve more oils and lotions, specific to the parts of both the male and female body. Some other intimacy tools can include Christian safe instruction on the different sexual positions or techniques available for Christians. For those couples who need to bring back intimate moments into their relationship, employing intimacy toys can help out tremendously.

3. Pleasure. This category is for the more sexually active Christian couples who really want to experience pleasure the way God intended sex to be (a highly pleasurable, celebratory event between two committed couples). This category places emphasis on arousal creams and actual objects like feathers and stimulation massage toys which can really add pleasure and excitement to sex.

Whatever category you choose, don’t shy away from sexual Christian related tools to enhance your relationship. As you can see, these tools can be as simple as erotic lotions and oils. And if you want to focus directly on sexual pleasures, there are some simple options for that as well.

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