Weight loss program and the first couple of weeks

You feel that you must fight against yourself harder. But who are you really fighting against? You are not fighting against yourself, you are fighting against your habits. There is big difference between you and the habits you have acquired during your life. You are the one who gives in to the habits or who controls them, the habits are not you, and you should look at them as emotional habit fields that you have learned to follow. Maybe that sounds trivial, but let me assure its not, and I’m going to explain why.

Let’s pretend that you are following some sort of weight loss program and the first couple of weeks go pretty well. Then suddenly something happens that puts 康寶萊假貨 you emotionally off balance, I’m talking about stress or disappointment or that sort of stuff.

You feel that you can’t take it and you need to do something to get that bad feeling go away somehow. And you comfort yourself with ice cream and chocolate to feel better… this is a very possible scenario, the reasons can be different but I’m sure you get the point.

Someone has said sometime, that eating goodies is compensation for sex. Well, I don’t see it quite the same way. Eating sweets is definitely a compensation, maybe it could be also for sex, but we want to feel sweet inside and soothe our emotions because actually we don’t feel very happy . You see, we often feel that we don’t have enough love in our life, with love I mean the feeling that we are loved and we have fulfillment emotionally.

To compensate that lack of love, we find the next best thing, and its sweets, cakes, ice cream… So really something inside of us feels empty and bad. To this emptiness and bad feeling we eat. This is a fact, not theory, and it is very important to understand.

Also understand that you are not that feeling of emptiness that you face from time to time that triggers the eating. You are the one experiencing that feeling, but you are not that experience, you are the one that chooses how to deal with it! Nothing can touch you, because actually you are free, but you feel so attached to all your feelings and from very young age you are used to say – I feel unhappy, I feel fear – and so on and so forth.

The reason why I’m explaining this, is that understanding this simple fact can give you great strength when you try to understand yourself and fight your emotions. This will help you with weight loss, but also with all troubles in life.

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