A Review of the GoDaddy Economy Hosting

Buying a domain name is not enough to make you own a website. After you have designed and developed your website it is now time to host your plan; and there are really few plans that can rival the GoDaddy economy hosting.

Many people have talked and reviewed the GoDaddy economy hosting and many of those people have agreed that it is a real jewel taking into account the price and the services that you will receive GoDaddy .

The first thing that you will receive is the 10GB of space. Now, if you have visited many other sites and you are seen the unlimited space, you might be thinking that this is a pretty low figure. However, it is not as little as one would imagine, in fact it is a lot. This is usually created so as to make people not abuse the space of the GoDaddy servers. In this feature, you cannot upload more than 10GB of content whether in the form of video, music, or any other thing.

This allows you to have accounts that are in the form of yourname @ yourdomain.com. However, you cannot exceed more than 100 of this. For operating a website or blog, you probably do not need more than 10 email addresses. If you need, then you definitely should not be looking at the GoDaddy hosting plan

Apart from the benefits outlined here, there is also the benefit of 300 GB per month. This means that when people visit your site, they can only download up to 300 GB of data every month. Again, only very active websites manage to reach this point. This will require people to download movies and music before they reach this level.

Having discussed all the features of the GoDaddy economy hosting, you might be wondering what the rates are. Well, for these features, you’ll just need to pay $5 per month if yours is a quarterly plan. However, if you have an annual plan, you’ll only need to pay $4.74 per month and $4.49 per month if what you have is a two year plan. The plan for the 3 year will need you to pay $4.24 per month, which is a 15% saving.

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