University – Not a CPA Accumulating Platform

As I watched this A4 sized paper which happens to be my University Degree certificate in the computer Science and Engineering department of October 2016, a plethora of memories just came as a silver lining to my mind. This is merely because this single floating paper has a full conglomeration of different feelings of happiness, hard work, perseverance , tiredness and teamwork behind.

As the clock ticked to memories of three years ago, I can still vividly remember how the postman was among the most awaited person during the May-June month of 2013. Indeed the most awaited news- the approval of courses applied at the tertiary level from the University Of Mauritius was on the way. Those who have undergone through this waiting shall reckon, but believe me, no feelings can be better than those first stumbling steps to the university, a yard which shall bring in one’s life, an ever-growing platform to blossom your parent’s dreams, your beloved ones, or simply the one in the mirror dream.

As the day goes by, the same stumbling feet gain momentum and March forward to achieve and shape the best version of themselves for a better world of tomorrow. Since Success is the prime reason for nearly all university students, CPA- Cumulative Point Average is at the top of the priority bucket list. We, as students, we tend to grab each and every bits and pieces which can leverage the CPA. Actually, at university many seminars, workshops, talks or even competitions are organized at national or even international levels for the student’s personality development. Indeed these organized academic and non-academic activities builds up the student personality and adds on the student CV-Curriculum Vitae However it is very saddening to notice that there are still students having those convergent mindset of “Is this going to impact my CPA? If the answer turns out to be a ‘NO’, then OK I am not going for it, it is not important.”

However my message to the readers is very simple, university life is not only a CPA accumulating platform, but a live performance platform where non-academic fields, communication, interpersonal and teamwork skills are also built up. Also what we treasure from university is a knitted relationship of sharing and togetherness with our peers. If and only if one can understand and create a momentum amidst one’s academic and non-academic life, university life shall indeed be a really memorable lifetime achievement and enjoyment.

After all, we are the best pivot and driver of the seven lettered word-SUCCESS. It is undeniably true that good grades /CPA, Job security are the prime reason a student attends university, but why not also collect and build up a good personality, as what we always carry with us is not our A4 size CV but our personality.

The adage goes by personality to man is what perfume is to a flower.

The reason of why companies are laying emphasis on Communication, Business and Interpersonal skills is because students tend to forget the university key concept of TEAMWORK. Indeed a good team player already earns some bonus when it comes to first passing the interview, second grabbing a job and most important sticking to that particular job. These are mainly in the IT department where most jobs are carried out in teams combining each and every team member contributed work.

Anyone who is a team-player is self-securing and paving a better tomorrow of himself or herself in this Mauritian competitive job market. Being an ex-student I can personally understand the morose feeling that one may feel like “OK! Now I quit!” But now when I look back to those days I realize that working to make both ends work marvelously was one of the best decision I had ever taken. After all what we, Mauritians students fail to cherish sometimes is what others are dreaming of living on other spheres of the globe.

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