Deeper Cause of Gambling Addiction

Now that we have seen that every person has a negative believe; we were all taught that we are wrong Joker Slot . Some of us have got this feeling deeper and stronger than others. Some people have a stronger negative feeling about himself but every human being has got it. We have also seen that nobody is born with this feeling. We were all born as a spontaneous baby. But because of our upbringing, raising, we were taught what is right and what is wrong. This created our identity. Now back to you;

5 Reasons Gambling Addiction Will Ruin Your Life and Why You Should Stop  Gambling Now

You were born as a baby, pure and spontaneous. Then your parents, or the people who raised you, rejected the behavior that in their eyes was wrong. Then you felt the pain of being rejected. And your conclusion was; I’m bad, I may not be spontaneous. And as a reaction you stopped being spontaneous. This doesn’t happen conscious, it’s a psychological mechanism. Wanting to be spontaneous is being held back by the fear of rejection.

And because you are blocking your spontaneousness yourself you are in fact rejecting yourself. So the negative belief in yourself is in fact a protection mechanism against the pain of being rejected. So in many ways and many situations you find yourself incompetent, not good enough, weak, stupid or whatever you may call it. In fact, you reject yourself. Every person has got the emphasis in a different way; Some would say I’m ugly, Others I’m weak, or I’m stupid, I’m not worth it. Now what has a negative believe and self rejection to do with gambling addiction? I bet you don’t want to know that you have a negative believe.

Believe me, everybody has got it. Let me explain the connection with gambling addiction. Or maybe ‘addictions’ in general. Maybe you have heard before that an addiction is a vicious circle. Well this is the vicious circle of gambling addiction; When we speak about a real gambling addiction the person has got a strong dissatisfaction with his life and with himself. There is a strong need to escape from this dissatisfacting life; an urge to excitement and sensation! During gambling a rush of excitement is created. The excitement of winning! Only if you are winning….

And there is always the internal conflict; Fear of losing (to go with the feeling of being stupid, weak, etc.) opposite a strong desire to win (to go with the feeling of success, being good, being special, being a winner, etc.). Can you image that the higher the stake, the higher and more intense the stress is? How stupid do you feel when you have lost! And then you want to get rid of that stupid feeling…. This is why you start that next stake. Just to get back that feeling of success.

What happens when you win? For a short time you feel the excitement of winning! But this fades away quickly because you know deep inside that it was only coincidence! And this is why you start a new stake. Just to get that feeling of success again. Do you see the vicious circle of the addiction? Do you see the Deeper Cause of Gambling Addiction?

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